January can be a month of winter snow storms and extremely cold conditions. And, it’s not going to stop someone from buying a home. According to Rebecca Green from Smart Asset, homes listed for sale in the winter are more likely to sell within six months than those listed in the spring and summer.  It’s because you have less properties to compete. Also, it’s proven the serious buyers are looking to find their new home.  Here are some tips to get your home ready to sell.

  1. Have your home warm and cozy, it is inviting to the potential buyer.  Buyers want to know the heating system is functioning correctly.
  2. Leave a tasty treat for example during the cold a great choice is hot chocolate and pumpkins muffins.
  3. Also, include a thank-you note that is hand written. It’s a nice gesture to show you’re welcoming into the home.
  4. Turn on the lights in all the room and open the curtains. You can brighten a room by adding lamps as necessary.
  5. Remember to shovel the snow and salt as necessary so the home doesn’t appear to be abandoned.  

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